Yoo Seung Ho says he thinks he’s not handsome, “The more I look at myself, the less attractive I feel”

Actor Yoo Seung Ho recently opened up about his thoughts on marriage and his self-image.

In a video titled ‘Surviving with Yoo Seung Ho: K’s Survival Story‘ released on the ‘Daily 7‘ YouTube channel last month, Yoo Seung Ho made a guest appearance and shared some personal stories with Young K.

Talking about his current lifestyle, Yoo Seung Ho revealed, “I’m spending my days resting, working out, and reading scripts. I’m a bit shy and need time to think things over, so I take my time making decisions. I’m not really the entertaining type, so variety shows scare me.”

Yoo Seung Ho, who starred in Day6‘s music video, shared, “After I got out of the military, we met again, and I found out it was their first album. I thought I could help in some way. Plus, I really liked the vibe Day6 gave off.”

Reflecting on the wedding scene in the music video, he added, “I’ll have a real wedding in the future too. I don’t have specific plans yet; I’m just thinking about it and living my life. My partner would have to be an animal lover. If someone loves animals so much that they’d say, ‘I’m going to run an animal shelter,’ and trusts me enough to join them, it might be possible.”

Yoo Seung Ho also made some controversial comments about his looks. He confessed, “The more I look at myself, the less attractive I feel. Everyone else seems more handsome than me.”

Young K quickly responded, “You’re wrong. Apologize.” Yoo Seung Ho then humorously shouted, “I’m handsome!”

Discussing his early military enlistment, Yoo Seung Ho said, “I got my draft notice while filming ‘Missing You.’ I was ready to go, but the stylist was crying, saying, ‘How can we let him go?’ I thought I’d have fun in the military, but by the fourth day, I regretted it. I was just standing there, angry and wanting to go home.”

Yoo Seung Ho, who served as a sergeant, added, “I practiced speaking by watching the senior officers and instructors. The phrases I heard and used the most were ‘Get down!’ and ‘Get out!'”



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