aespa’s Reactions to NewJeans’ Music Show Win Capture Attention from Netizens

aespa’s reactions to NewJeans’ recent music show win are making waves online.

In the past few weeks, aespa’s name has been linked to NewJeans due to ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s revelations during her initial press conference.

Min Hee Jin disclosed text messages in which Bang Si Hyuk allegedly asked if NewJeans could “crush” aespa with their debut.

aespa has now responded to this message, and their comments are gaining attention:

“We’re well aware of the situation. As it’s our first full-length album, we put our all into practicing. The support and love we’ve received have given us strength, and we’ve worked hard to prepare. We believe this first full-length album will be a satisfactory start. We’re thankful to the public, our SM family, and the members who’ve worked tirelessly.”


On May 31, KBS’s Music Bank aired, with NewJeans nominated for first place against aespa. Ultimately, NewJeans’ track “How Sweet” secured first place, marking their second win for the song.

Fans couldn’t help but notice aespa’s reactions during the announcement. Initially, they seemed more concerned about the loud confetti guns than anything else.

Later, as NewJeans began their encore, Karina tapped Danielle’s back in greeting, while Giselle waved to the group.

Despite ongoing external issues, fans appreciate seeing the two groups interact.

What are your thoughts on this dynamic situation?

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