YG Entertainment Files New Trademark, Fans Speculate Possible Connection to BABYMONSTER

In a move that has set fans’ hearts racing, YG Entertainment has filed a new trademark that bears a striking resemblance to their latest girl group, BABYMONSTER.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to connect the dots, speculating that the trademark could potentially serve as the official name for BABYMONSTER‘s fan club.

However, fan reactions were divided. While some embraced the possibility, seeing it as a fitting moniker, others expressed reservations, finding the name less appealing.

But the intrigue doesn’t end there. Some fans proposed an alternative theory, suggesting that “MONstiez” could be the branding for an upcoming merchandise line associated with BABYMONSTER.

Drawing parallels to TREASURE’s popular LINE FRIENDS characters, TRUZ, this idea adds another layer of excitement for fans eagerly awaiting new releases from the group.

In related news, BABYMONSTER recently treated fans to a captivating performance video of their B-side track “Like That,” further fueling anticipation for their upcoming activities.

As speculation swirls and excitement mounts, fans eagerly await official confirmation from YG Entertainment regarding the trademark’s purpose and its connection to BABYMONSTER.



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