Kim Jae Hwan Stays with Wake One Entertainment, Reveals Military Enlistment Plans

On May 31 KST, Wake One Entertainment made an important announcement regarding solo artist Kim Jae Hwan. The talented singer has decided to renew his exclusive contract with the label.

In a heartfelt statement, Wake One Entertainment shared:

“Hello, this is Wake One Entertainment. We are pleased to inform you that our artist, Kim Jae Hwan, has chosen to extend his exclusive contract with Wake One. This decision reflects the strong mutual trust and loyalty between artist and label.

After his successful transition from being a member of Wanna One—a prominent K-Pop boy group—Kim Jae Hwan embarked on a remarkable solo career. His artistic versatility knows no bounds.

Throughout this journey, Wake One has stood by him as a reliable partner, achieving significant milestones together.

Empowered by the respect and understanding shared between artist and label, Wake One pledges to continue supporting Kim Jae Hwan in all aspects of his musical endeavors.

Additionally, we have important news regarding Kim Jae Hwan’s military enlistment. He applied for a position with the ROK Army music corps and recently received a passing notice from the Military Manpower Administration.

His official enlistment date is set for July 1 KST. We kindly ask for your warm words of encouragement as he fulfills his national duties and returns in good health.

Thank you for your unwavering support.”

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