HYBE Labels Makes Changes at ADOR after Internal Dispute

In a significant development, HYBE Labels, the parent company of ADOR, held an extraordinary board meeting of shareholders on May 31 KST.

During this meeting, three new board members were appointed to ADOR:

  1. Kim Joo Young, HYBE’s Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
  2. Lee Jae Sang, HYBE’s Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  3. Lee Kyung Joon, HYBE’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

However, the board meeting also resulted in the formal dismissal of two officers who previously held board member positions at ADOR. These officers, Vice President Shin and Director Kim, were known to have sided with CEO Min Hee Jin during the recent internal feud.

Interestingly, on May 30 KST, the 50th Civil Affairs Division of the Seoul Central District Court approved the injunction filed by CEO Min Hee Jin against HYBE Labels. This legal decision ensures her continued position as CEO of ADOR.

In response to the court ruling, HYBE Labels expressed their respect for the decision and pledged to follow all necessary legal procedures.

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