Actress Song Yoon Ah Reveals “Not Eating Anything” for weeks Before New Projects

The pressure to stay slim in the Korean entertainment world is no secret. Even veteran actresses face these challenges, as revealed in a recent YouTube video featuring three top stars.

Actress Song Yoon Ah, along with Lee Tae Ran and Yoo Sun, got real about their struggles with weight management on the By PDC channel.

Yoo Sun shared how tough it was for her to shed 4 kgs after wrapping up a drama. “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go back,” she said, admitting she jumped back into exercise right away.

Lee Tae Ran mentioned her routine yoga for staying fit, but she admitted it’s no cakewalk. Still, she’s grateful for the projects that keep her motivated to stay active.

Then, Song Yoon Ah spilled the beans on her drastic methods. She confessed to not eating for weeks before a project. She admitted it was tough and said that when she was younger, skipping meals for a day or two did the trick, but as she got older, it became harder.

These actresses, in their late 40s and early 50s, are still rocking the industry. While some might see their dieting as extreme, others might view it as dedicated hard work.

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