The Truth Behind NewJeans Hanni’s “Bias Wrecker” Short Hairstyle

NewJeansHanni recently unveiled a new short hairstyle for the group’s comeback, catching everyone off guard.

Her fresh look received praise from netizens, who dubbed her a “stan attractor” for her adorable and unique visuals.

During an interview on Halmyungsoo, Hanni shared the story behind her iconic haircut.

To everyone’s surprise, the short hair is actually a wig! Hanni herself was taken aback by the sudden change.

As she sat down for the album cover shoot, the hair artist unexpectedly pulled her hair back, transforming her into what she describes as an “egg.”

Hanni humorously recalls feeling like an egg with the wig cap on, ready for the short hair to be added.

According to Hanni, the wig has a deliberately imperfect look, resembling a DIY cut with kitchen scissors, adding to its cute and messy charm.

Although she was initially surprised by the sudden change, Hanni admits that the hair stylist had the right idea all along.

Despite the unexpected transformation, Hanni effortlessly rocked the new look, proving once again her versatility and charm.

Check out the full video for more insights into Hanni’s surprising hairstyle.

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