KISS OF LIFE’s Julie Faces Backlash Over Obvious Photo Editing

In today’s world, it’s often hard to tell if a photo has been edited or not. Some people are experts at photo manipulation, leaving no obvious signs, while other times the edits are more subtle.

The K-Pop industry and its idols are no exception. Sometimes it’s the idol’s company behind the editing, and other times the idols themselves are the culprits.

Recently, an older picture of KISS OF LIFE’s Julie caught attention because of her incredibly tiny waist. Many people commented on the photo, expressing awe and envy over her figure. One forum post even exclaimed, “I’m not joking, Julie’s waist is as big as her thigh!”

But if you know a bit about photo editing or human anatomy, it’s clear that the image has been photoshopped. Julie seems to be missing several ribs, and her right elbow appears unnaturally enlarged.

There’s even a strange, half-disappeared strand of hair across her chest.

What’s frustrating is that Julie already has an amazing body, as seen in plenty of other unedited images.

It’s disheartening that someone with such a great figure feels the need to alter herself so much.

Body image issues are a major problem in the K-Pop industry and fandom, and young fans may compare themselves to the unrealistic version of Julie in the edited photo.

Let’s hope Julie realizes how incredible her natural figure truly is!



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