“Cheap-looking,” Netizens Criticize Han So Hee’s Tattoo at Dior Event

On May 29, actress Han So Hee graced a Dior fashion event in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, wearing an aqua green dress from Dior’s Dioliviera collection, designed by creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Despite her elegant appearance, netizens expressed disapproval of Han So Hee’s tattoo, with many considering it “cheap.”

Known for her beauty and acting versatility, Han So Hee often attracts attention for her fashion choices.

However, her tattoos sparked criticism online, overshadowing her overall look at the event. Netizens argued that the tattoo clashed with Dior’s sophisticated and feminine image, detracting from the outfit’s elegance.

Comments varied, with some expressing mild disapproval and others harsh criticism. While Han So Hee’s tattoo might suit edgier or casual styles, it seemed out of place in the context of Dior’s classic and refined branding.

Netizen comments included:

“The tattoo looks really cheap.”

“Is that a tattoo on the side of her body?”

“Her face is pretty, but that outfit doesn’t suit Dior. Tattoos go better with brands like Balenciaga or Gucci.”

“She seems like someone who creates and sells Dior-style clothes.”

“Not a fan of the tattoos.”

In the end, opinions varied, but the tattoo definitely sparked a conversation!



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