aespa’s Winter spills the beans on her family’s ‘small appetite’ gene: ‘We can’t even finish a whole chicken!’

In a recent episode of the YouTube channel ‘DdeunDdeun‘, aespa‘s Winter and Karina spilled some fun facts about their eating habits.

Karina kicked off the conversation, confessing, “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a big appetite.” Winter, on the other hand, had a different tale to tell. “My family? We’re not big eaters at all,” she revealed.

Winter explained, “They’re not really into food. They eat just enough to fill their stomachs.”

She went on to share a story from her trainee days. “Once, I came home craving fish cake soup. But my mom only prepared one skewer for each of us,” she said, leaving everyone in shock.

Winter further added, “Even a whole chicken is too much for the four of us. And pizza? There’s always some left over. Before I joined the company, I’d be full after just one or two slices and wouldn’t eat any more.”

Karina lightened the mood with a witty remark, “If you get full, can’t you just split it in half?” The room erupted in laughter at her comment.



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