aespa’s “Supernova” Dominates Charts in Korea and Abroad

aespa’s latest comeback is making waves, and their track “Supernova” is shining brightly both in Korea and internationally.

The song has broken records on Melon, a major Korean music streaming service. In 2024, “Supernova” achieved the highest number of listeners in one hour, with 76,306 unique listeners.

It also reached a peak of 463,126 unique daily listeners.

This impressive feat makes it the first song of the year to surpass 70,000 unique listeners within an hour on Melon.

Additionally, “Supernova” is one of only two tracks released in 2024 to gather over 400,000 daily listeners—the other being Zico’s “SPOT!” featuring Jennie, which peaked at 410,000 unique daily listeners.

But the impact of “Supernova” goes beyond streaming numbers. The song has achieved a Perfect All-Kill, a prestigious accomplishment in the Korean music industry.

It has held this status for an impressive total of 104 times.

Internationally, “Supernova” continues to resonate with global audiences. It secured the #44 spot on Spotify’s Global Daily Chart.

Another track from the same release, “Armageddon,” also made its mark, holding the #55 position. aespa’s powerful presence in the global music scene is undeniable! 🌟



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