NewJeans Album Sales Decline — Fans Suspect HYBE of Sabotage

aespa‘s recent album sales decline has stirred up concerns among fans. A comparison of their latest album, “Armageddon,” which sold around 515,000 copies on its first day, to their previous album, “My World,” which sold over 1.37 million copies, revealed a significant drop of more than half.

But aespa isn’t the only group facing a decline. NewJeans also experienced a decrease in sales. Their album “ETA” sold around 1,194,600 copies on the first day, while “How Sweet” sold about 811,800 copies. Although not as drastic as aespa’s drop, NewJeans still saw a decline.

Fans are pointing fingers at HYBE, accusing them of foul play. They allege that HYBE deliberately delayed shipping albums to hinder chart performance.

While orders from other retailers have started arriving, those through Weverse Shop, especially domestic orders in South Korea, are still awaiting shipping labels.

The delay has raised suspicions, especially since Japanese consumers have received their packages from Weverse without issue. Fans are calling out HYBE, accusing them of sabotage.

While these claims are unverified, delays in album shipments can affect chart rankings and disappoint casual fans interested in purchasing physical CDs.

What’s your take on this situation?



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