Netizens criticize Super Junior’s Leeteuk for supporting Kangin’s return to the limelight

Kangin, a former member of the renowned K-pop group Super Junior, has faced legal issues, including two DUI charges and an assault charge against his ex-girlfriend.

These incidents have significantly impacted his public image and career.

During Ryeo Wook’s wedding ceremony, attended by all current and former Super Junior members, the group’s leader, Leeteuk, made a public plea. Addressing the guests, Leeteuk commented, Kangin’s time spent in self-reflection has exceeded the duration of his active career. Please extend your support to him so he can earn a living.”

This remark by Leeteuk, urging public support for Kang-In’s financial recovery, has sparked controversy and criticism among netizens.

Many expressed their disapproval on social media, questioning the appropriateness of requesting support for someone with Kang-In’s legal history.

Netizen comments:

“You can help him yourself with your own money…”

“Drunk driving is something that makes you see even your own close friend with new eyes. He should’ve known to be more careful as a public figure. Drunk driving is not a mistake. And he can always find a different job than being a celebrity… no one told him to take 15 years for a hiatus…”

“Tell him to go study and learn a new trade or open a business… or go find a part-time job? Why is he not able to make a living…? ㅋㅋㅋ”

“Celebrity isn’t the only career that exists…”

“Just stay quiet, why should we help him?”

“Wow, this is shameless.”

“Drunk driver 2x + physical assault… what job would want him? ㅋㅋ”

“Of all the people to be shielding right now… ㅋ Teukie, life must be good for you these days, huh?”

“ Could you ask this if your own family had been hit by his drunk driving?”

“Nope, stay away… people can never be fixed.”

“ He can figure it out himself… what do you want the public to do about it? If you feel so bad for him, give him your own money.”

“You have to be kidding me.”

“here are former celebrities who have no qualms doing delivery work or even opening their own restaurants, this feels tone-deaf to ask.”

“ Find a new job ㅎ;; for normal people, when you get fired from one job, you go look for a different one ㅋㅋ”

“Go deliver for Coupang if you want to make a living.”

“You want a hiatus too, Leeteuk?”

“ Leeteuk-ah, how about you make your own money and give it to him if you feel so bad for him? I’m so tired of celebrities committing all sorts of crimes and expecting to be let back in for free money.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, totally unnecessary for him to say.”

“Why would you even say this at someone else’s wedding?”

“ Failure to read the room… this is why he’s a has-been. You’ve made all the money you’ll be able to, so just go enjoy that now.”

“Leeteuk doesn’t seem to realize that he’s viewed as just as annoying. He shouldn’t be worrying about others right now, funny.”

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