N.Flying’s Lee Seunghyub Reflects on the Conclusion of “Lovely Runner”

Lee Seunghyub, who portrayed Baek In Hyuk in the tvN drama ‘Lovely Runner,’ which ended on May 28 KST, shared his final thoughts.

In the drama, Seunghyub impressed viewers with his portrayal of Ryu Seon Jae’s close friend, Baek In Hyuk, and his realistic acting as the middleman between Seon Jae and Im Sol (played by Kim Hye Yoon).

Notably, he perfectly embodied the stage presence of the band Eclipse, adding another layer of enjoyment to the series.

On May 29 KST, Seunghyub expressed through his agency, “It’s regrettable that it’s already over after filming for such a long time. It feels even more regrettable because it seems like In Hyuk received a lot of love from viewers through the drama. Although I approached the filming with a sense of responsibility to do well at every moment, we ended up enjoying the process in a comfortable atmosphere, which I believe will make it a more memorable piece.”

He continued, saying, “Lovely Runner’ allowed many people to get to know me better, so I want to greet everyone with even better works in the future. As an actor and as the leader of N.Flying, I want to show continuous growth alongside our members and our fans. Finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude once again for loving ‘Lovely Runner’ and In Hyuk, and I hope you continue to support us in the future.”

In other news, Seunghyub will join his members at the ‘2024 N.Flying LIVE ‘HIDE-OUT’’ concert in Seoul from June 7-9 for three days.

Due to the popularity of ‘Lovely Runner,’ the concerts planned for June 8 and 9 sold out quickly, prompting an additional performance on June 7.

Additionally, Seunghyub is gearing up for the release of the tvN drama ‘Love Next Door.’



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