BTS V (Kim Taehyung) Impresses with Dance Skills in New Videos

Kim Taehyung, also known as V from BTS, recently showcased his dynamic dance abilities in surprise practice videos.

On May 27, Taehyung delighted fans by sharing two dance practice clips on Instagram, which quickly garnered 10 million views.

The first video featured Taehyung alongside renowned choreographer Bada Lee, captioned “95 liners with Ingyoo chef.” The duo flawlessly executed impressive and fluid dance moves in the practice studio, demonstrating their talent and synergy.

In the second video, Taehyung was joined by Bada Lee and acclaimed dancer GOF (Lee Do Geon), along with Ingyoo Kim, who choreographed the routine.

The group showcased their skills and camaraderie through a fun performance.

The term “95 liners” refers to the dance crew consisting of Taehyung, Bada Lee, and GOF—all born in 1995.

Previously, the group participated in the “Smoke” dance challenge and performed with Taehyung for “Slow Dancing” during the release of his solo album “Layover.”

Taehyung has gained recognition as a highly skilled performer, known for his smooth, expressive dance moves and charismatic stage presence that captivates audiences.

Netizens on theQoo shared their thoughts:

“After going to the military, he got really fit. He’s such a man now and dances so stylishly.”

“Most idols can’t match up to the real dancers’ swag, but what’s crazy about Taehyungie is that he can.”

“He really dances with feeling… I was captivated.”

“It feels different from when he was slim. Before, it felt light. Now it’s more powerful.”

“Seeing V dance to Ingyoo’s choreography is amazing.”

“I’m shocked at how big his body has gotten—wow.”

“He’s so good, and it looks like he’s enjoying it, which makes it even better to watch.”

“Why did you get better at dancing after going to the military?”

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