aespa’s NingNing talks about losing 16 AirPods worth 3 million won

NingNing from aespa talked about her missing AirPods.

On May 29th, the first episode of ‘Hyoyeon who buys me food well‘s Hyo’s Level Up YouTube channel. It’s titled “NINGNING who came through Armageddon.

In the episode, NingNing was the first guest. Hyoyeon brought up, “I heard NingNing’s got a list of things she doesn’t like. Bad vibes, no jogging, not into flowers. And her motto’s ‘Trust Nobody.’ And now, ‘No AirPods’?”

NingNing replied, “They just don’t click with me.” Hyoyeon joked, “Even in your ears?” and everyone laughed.

Then Hyoyeon asked, “How do you keep losing them?” NingNing explained, “It’s not just the earbuds, but the whole case with them.” Hyoyeon was surprised, “But losing 16 of them? How?”

NingNing shrugged, “I’m just prone to losing stuff. I figure it’s meant to be when I lose them.”

Hyoyeon chuckled, “That’s a lot of cash, over 3 million won! If I find what NingNing’s dropped, how much can I get selling them?” Everyone cracked up.



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