Actress Goo Hye Sun shares heartache over losing pets on ‘Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic’

Actress Goo Hye Sun is feeling the ache of saying goodbye to her beloved pet.

Set to air on Channel A at 8:10 PM on May 30th, “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” will feature Goo Hye Sun. She’s known for her diverse talents in singing, writing, directing, and more.

After her 2020 divorce, Goo Hye Sun made headlines for her impressive academic achievements, graduating top of her class after focusing on her studies.

MC Jung Hyung Don brings up Goo Hye Sun‘s famous “tearful selfie” and her legendary photos. Goo Hye Sun explains that those were taken during her acting academy days to boost her confidence.

She had severe stage fright back when she was a trainee singer. The studio shares some laughs as they show other legendary photos of the counseling members.

Goo Hye Sun opens up about her difficulty accepting the separation from her pets, especially her dog Potato, who felt like family.

She shares her struggle, saying, “People have funerals, but you can’t do that for a dog.” She had to push down her sadness and go on with her daily life, even going to school while grieving. She admits to feeling disconnected from reality after her pet’s departure.

Dr. Oh Eun Young explains that losing a pet can lead to ‘pet loss syndrome’, where the emotions can be similar to losing a family member.

Goo Hye Sun talks about parting ways with six dogs over four years and how her academic goals kept her from fully grieving. Dr. Oh Eun Young discusses the stages of grief known as the ‘DABDA reaction’, noting that Goo Hye Sun hasn’t fully reached acceptance yet.

Many people struggle to accept the loss of a pet and often feel regret afterward. Dr. Oh Eun Young shares her own experience of losing her pet Pobi after 20 years together. She tears up, saying, “I loved Pobi too much.” Goo Hye Sun empathizes, expressing regret for not giving enough love to her pets.

Despite two years passing, Goo Hye Sun still finds it hard to accept the separation, causing concern. She admits to avoiding talking about her pet to avoid sadness overwhelming her. Dr. Oh Eun Young advises her to share her feelings with others as a way to overcome sadness.

Goo Hye Sun opens up about her struggle with human relationships, admitting she doesn’t have many friends to lean on.

She prefers one-on-one relationships and tends to keep her sadness to herself. Dr. Oh Eun Young sees a connection between Goo Hye Sun‘s difficulty in parting with her pet and her approach to human relationships.

As viewers await Oh Eun Young‘s counseling session with Goo Hye Sun, “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” airs every Thursday at 8:10 PM on Channel A.



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