‘Lovely Runner’ stars Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon got tongues wagging with their off-screen chemistry

Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon, the main actors of “Lovely Runner,” gave off major couple vibes beyond the screen.

On the latest episode of Jang Doyeon‘s YouTube show “Salon Drip 2,” aired on May 27th, the duo, known for their roles as Ryu Seonjae and Im Sol in the hit tvN series, let slip some interesting details.

Jang Doyeon couldn’t resist asking Byeon Woo Seok about the show’s massive success. He spilled, “My family’s reactions say it all! They’re loving it even more this time. Lots of happy comments, and my sister’s friends are obsessed. My folks are even telling me to sign autographs!”

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Yoon chimed in, “I’ve been glued to reaction videos on YouTube. Seeing how people interpret our story differently is wild!”

When the host probed about the show’s thrilling moments, instead of giving a straight answer, they exchanged sweet glances, adding to the excitement.

Jang Doyeon couldn’t help but notice the sparks flying between the two. “What’s up with you two? It’s like watching ‘Lovely Runner’ in HD! I almost hit pause!”

Kim Hye Yoon played it cool, saying they were just chatting. But Byeon Woo Seok got flustered, admitting, “Suddenly, it feels awkward.”

Jang Doyeon, ever the detective, teased, “Are you sure you’re not dating? The way you were looking at each other, it’s suspicious! And you arrived in the same car!”

Byeon Woo Seok got sentimental, praising Kim Hye Yoon‘s emotional performances. “She cried buckets during our nine months of filming. Every tear felt real to me. Whether she was happy or sad, I wanted to lift her spirits. I’m really grateful to her.”

Kim Hye Yoon blushed, saying, “That’s news to me! I didn’t know he wanted to lift me up and jump around.”

Seems like there’s more to their chemistry than just acting!



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