Park Bo Gum’s Instagram post with Suzy gives off strong ‘boyfriend or best friend’ vibes, making fans swoon

Actor Park Bo Gum just shared something exciting on Instagram that has his fans buzzing!

On May 27th, he posted some adorable pictures with Suzy, saying “Wonderland is here.”

These pics show Park Bo Gum and Suzy looking really cute together, like a real couple. They’re gearing up for their movie ‘Wonderland,’ and Park Bo Gum snapped some lovely moments with Suzy.

Fans can’t stop talking about how natural they look together. They have matching expressions and even cuddle up cheek-to-cheek in some shots, which is getting everyone hyped.

Netizens comments included:

“If they said park Bo gum and Suzy were dating. I’d honestly not be surprised”

“boyfriends or best friends?”

“Real couple vibes”

“Did Suzy gives Park Bo Gum a smooch on the cheek?”

Wonderland‘ is all about connecting with loved ones using a cool video call service. It brings back people who’ve passed away using fancy technology. The movie hits theaters on June 5th, and fans are counting down the days!



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