Choi Ji Woo Talks About Becoming a Mom Later in Life

Actress Choi Ji Woo, known as an icon of late motherhood, recently discussed her experiences and newfound joy of parenthood.

She gave birth at the age of 46, which has profoundly changed her perspective on life and motherhood.

In a video on the YouTube channel ‘Salty Brother Shin Dong-yup,’ Choi talked about the simple pleasures she now enjoys after becoming a mother. For example, she can proudly drink alcohol after her day ends, now that her child is 48 months old.

Shin Dong-yup expressed astonishment at Choi’s late motherhood, comparing her to male actor Kim Yong-gun, who also became a father later in life. Choi proudly claimed, “I call myself an icon of late childbirth. I want to encourage others that even at this age, having a healthy child is possible.”

Addressing younger parents, Choi expressed gratitude for being included and shared how she had to work harder due to her age.

She turned to books for information, feeling uncomfortable with being labeled as naive in the past.

Choi reflected on the challenges of conceiving, acknowledging that it didn’t happen as quickly as she expected.

Seeing contemporaries on screen who were active during the same period provided comfort and encouragement.

Post-childbirth and marriage, Choi realized the importance of being a role model as a parent and accumulating virtue.

She feels like she has become a more complete person through motherhood, shifting from individualism to nurturing responsibility for her family.

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