BLACKPINK Lisa goes gold in her latest Instagram post, turning heads with her stunning figure

BLACKPINK‘s very own Lisa is turning heads with her stunning figure.

On May 26th, Lisa treated fans to a series of photos on her Instagram. Sporting high-heeled sandals that accentuated her already lengthy legs, Lisa posed with a relaxed gaze and a half-mussed hairstyle. She was dressed in a golden crop top and matching mini skirt.

Lisa exuded the aura of a queen ruling an island far beyond the horizon, embodying the regal charm that BLACKPINK is known for.

The golden ensemble left fans wondering if it was a see-through style or just an illusion created by the shimmering color.

Fans were left in awe, commenting, “Her proportions are unbelievable, and so is her slim figure”, and “It’s truly incredible to see such beauty and talent combined”.

In other news, BLACKPINK, the group Lisa is a part of, recently made history by becoming the first girl group to receive the UK BRIT Gold certification, further proving their unwavering popularity.



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