Oh My Girl’s water bottles given as prizes at university festival sparks controversy and apology

The student council apologized after water bottles used by Oh My Girl members were given as prizes at a university festival, causing a stir.

On May 22nd, Oh My Girl performed at a university in Chungnam for about 30 minutes. After their performance, the festival MC handed out the water bottles that the members had used, leading to immediate backlash online.

The incident was quickly labeled as inappropriate and even drew accusations of sexual harassment. The MC later apologized, saying, “I thought it would be a memorable gift, but I realize now it was a mistake.”

The MC added, “The students were expecting proper prizes, not used water bottles. Some felt embarrassed, and this was entirely my fault. Please direct your criticism towards me, not the students”.

The student council also posted an apology on social media, stating, “We are sorry to those who felt uncomfortable due to the MC’s actions. This was not planned by the school or the performers.”

They continued, “We sincerely apologize to Oh My Girl and their fans for the incident after their performance. We also apologize to the students for this mishap. We will make sure such issues do not happen again in the future events.”



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