NewJeans’ Hyein revealed she cried as members give her a shoutout on Inkigayo, leaving fans heartbroken

NewJeansHyein has made fans emotional after she revealed she cried during today’s episode of SBS‘s Inkigayo.

Through messages on the fan app Phoning, Hyein shared what touched her heart on today’s Inkigayo. It was a surprise answer during an interview that moved her deeply.

Hyein said on Phoning, “Bunnies, I watched Inkigayo today and started crying. My unnies… I was so moved. They said I’m the sweetest. I was in the dorm watching, and then they mentioned me… seriously!”

The emotional moment happened when the other NewJeans members were asked who they thought was the sweetest among them, in reference to their new song “How Sweet.” All four members, without Hyein there, pointed to the camera and said “Hyein” without any hesitation.

Even though it seemed like a small gesture, it showed how much the girls love each other.

Hyein has been missing from several NewJeans performances recently because of a foot injury. On May 7, it was announced that she had a microfracture in her foot. She’s taking a break to fully recover and has been advised not to perform for a while.

Fans have been worried and missing her on stage. The other members have shown their love and support for Hyein. The sweet moment on Inkigayo made fans love her even more and it has become a hot topic online, with one post about it getting over 36,000 views and more than 140 comments.

Fans are eagerly waiting for Hyein to come back on stage. Until then, they continue to send their love and best wishes, hoping she gets better soon.

Netizens comments included:

”Get well soon princess Hyein. I wish you a speedy recovery.”

“I wish a speedy recovery.Complete healing may take time”

“Get well soon my Hyein”

“Get well soon wuri maknae princess Hyein ❤️ We all miss you so so much.”

“My giant baby :((”

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