SHINee’s Minho Reveals He Sleeps Only 4.5 Hours a Day – Here’s Why!

SHINee‘s Minho shared his secret to a short night’s sleep.

In an episode of MBC‘s ‘Hangout with Yoo‘ on May 25th, the members of SHINee joined the show as guests.

Yoo Jae Suk, the host, couldn’t help but praise Minho for his dedication to both exercise and dancing. He mentioned, “Minho’s commitment to his fans is remarkable. He’s active on social media, bidding ‘Good night’ around 12:30 AM and rallying everyone with ‘Let’s cheer up today!’ at 5 AM. And all this on just 4.5 hours of sleep!”

This sparked a curious reaction from Park Jin Joo, who jokingly asked, “Isn’t that too intense?” Minho clarified, “It’s not an everyday thing. I align my social media activity with significant dates like our debut anniversary and my birthday. But since I do it quite often, I end up sacrificing sleep.”

Key chimed in, sharing a humorous insight, “While other idols share their meals, Minho prefers to post gym equipment like pull-up bars.”

Yoo Jae Suk added, “Minho’s dedication is admirable, but he’s got a bit of an old-school vibe.” Key followed up with a joke, “That’s why I had to unfollow from his feed!”

Taemin joined the banter, saying, “Hyung, you’re still following me right?” Key teased back, “When you message me like ‘Sweetie, what are you doing~?’ I just had to click ‘unfoloow’!” The playful exchange brought laughter to everyone.

For those interested, ‘Hangout with Yoo’ airs every Saturday at 6:30 PM on MBC.



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