K-netizens react to Park Seo Joon’s rumored relationship with Lauren Tsai “They look good together!”

On May 22, rumors began circulating that Park Seo Joon and American actress Lauren Tsai might be dating.

Photos surfaced online showing Park Seo Joon enjoying a trip in Japan accompanied by an unidentified woman.

Netizens quickly speculated that the woman could be Lauren Tsai, known for her roles in Netflix’s ‘Terrace House’ and Marvel’s ‘Legion.’

One netizen even shared a photo along with a personal story, saying, “Today, I unexpectedly bumped into Park Seo Joon. We were the only ones who noticed, and the staff advised us to keep it hush-hush. Interestingly, I had been rewatching ‘Kill Me Heal Me’ earlier in the day, so it felt like fate.”

In response to the dating rumors, Park Seo Joon’s agency, Awesome ENT, released a statement: “Please understand that we cannot confirm private matters outside of the actor’s official schedules.”

Korean netizens have reacted positively to this latest dating rumor, with many expressing their opinions:

“Her vibe is so unique.”

“Their visual chemistry is amazing.”

“She looks like Park Seo Joon.”

“She’s so charming.”

“She’s pretty.”

“I recognize this actress!”

“They look great together. Good for them.”

“They make a handsome couple.”

“She was so charming on ‘Terrace House.’ I liked her.”

“They complement each other well.”



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