Seungri Allegedly Sets Sights on Opening Club in Cambodia Following Burning Sun Scandal

The former BIGBANG member reportedly gears up for another venture.

Recent reports in Korean media suggest Seungri is gearing up to launch a new club venture in Cambodia. Sources close to the singer reveal that investments for the establishment have already been secured, marking his second foray into the nightclub industry.

Seungri‘s previous venture, the infamous Burning Sun club in Korea, was embroiled in scandal over allegations of illegal activities like prostitution and drug use.

Prior rumors hinted at Seungri‘s desire to re-enter the nightlife scene, with sightings of him socializing with key figures in Hong Kong.

Speculation among local netizens suggested an imminent nightclub opening in the area.

“Yeah, he was constantly mingling with alcohol distributors and club owners. It seemed like business-related interactions. There were numerous women with plastic surgery and gold diggers surrounding him.”

While many were surprised that news of his potential club opening in Cambodia broke first, Seungri is no stranger to the international market. He previously made appearances at fan meetings in the country, even making promises to bring fellow artist G-DRAGON to Cambodia.

However, Korean netizens are expressing outrage over Seungri’s reported venture:

“He’s obsessed with clubs… Probably planning another drug party there.”
“Is he expanding globally now?”
“Another club? He’ll likely repeat the same mistakes.”
“Hope it crashes and burns. Seriously.”
“Is he completely out of his mind?”
“The Burning Sun scandal sent shockwaves through the K-pop industry. Whistleblowers exposed a plethora of illegal activities, including drug abuse, illegal filming, and sexual assault.

Seungri’s involvement in a group chat sharing illicit content and facilitating prostitution further tainted his image. In 2020, he admitted guilt to charges of procuring prostitution, illegal filming, habitual gambling, and more, resulting in a jail sentence of one and a half years.”



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