“OMG, What Happened?” —Actress Han So Hee Faces Another Loss as Ad Contract Terminated

Actress Han So Hee‘s advertising woes continue as another contract bites the dust.

Reported by Xports News on May 23, the used car platform Hey Dealer, which previously featured Han So Hee as its advertising face, has now opted for Suzy and Lee Jung Eun as its new models.

Suzy and Lee Jung Eun have already wrapped up their ad shoot, marking a fresh start for Hey Dealer.

Han So Hee had been endorsing Hey Dealer since last year, with her vlog-style ad garnering positive feedback in March.

However, her public acknowledgment of her relationship with actor Ryu Jun Yeol, followed by a spat with singer and actress Hyeri, led to the deactivation of comments on Hey Dealer’s ads, tarnishing her image.

This negative perception, coupled with failed contract renewals with other companies like Chum-Churum and NH Nonghyup Bank, led Hey Dealer to part ways with Han So Hee.

Meanwhile, on May 19, Han So Hee graced the 77th Cannes International Film Festival in France as a Boucheron ambassador, showcasing her stunning beauty amidst the ad woes.



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