Korea University’s ‘Kutopia’ Festival Rocks Out to B2ST’s “Shock”

Highlight, now back to their original name B2ST, rocked the stage at Korea University’s ‘Kutopia’ festival with a nostalgic performance.

Their rendition of the classic hit “Shock” from their B2ST days stirred up the crowd, who enthusiastically joined in singing along to the beloved tune.

Korean netizens couldn’t contain their excitement:

“Their live vocals are insane!”

“Been craving this performance for ages.”

“This live show is pure adrenaline!”

Yang Yo Seob‘s vocals are out of this world.”

“What else did they belt out?”

“This is beyond amazing.”

“I’m over the moon.”

“Long time no hear, ‘On Rainy Days.’ Please sing it!”

The atmosphere was electric as B2ST‘s performance brought back waves of fond memories for fans.



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