ONE PACT and Kangnam’s Collaborative Journey Reaches Its Conclusion

In a bittersweet finale, the synergy between ONE PACT and Kangnam has gracefully drawn to a close. The curtain falls on their creative partnership, leaving fans with a mix of nostalgia and anticipation.

Kangnam, once the hidden architect behind the rookie boy group, recognized their untapped potential during their stint on ‘Boys Planet’. As a former idol himself, he embarked on this collaborative venture, weaving dreams and melodies alongside the rising stars of ONE PACT.

However, as the calendar flipped to January 2024, the agreed-upon time frame for their joint debut project reached its natural conclusion. ARMADA ENT, the guiding force behind ONE PACT, officially announced the end of this chapter. Their statement echoed gratitude to the devoted fans who poured love and interest into this musical union.

Now, as the sun sets on their collaboration, both parties embark on separate paths. ONE PACT readies themselves for a triumphant return with their inaugural single album, ‘PARADOXX’, slated to drop on June 7 KST. Meanwhile, Kangnam charts his course, carrying memories of shared melodies and the promise of new horizons.

To the fans who cheered, believed, and stood by them, this isn’t farewell—it’s a heartfelt “see you soon.” Let the echoes of their harmonies linger, for music knows no boundaries, and the rhythm of their journey continues.

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