NewJeans Steal the Show at Their First Public Appearance Since HYBE-ADOR Controversy

In the midst of escalating tensions between parent company HYBE and subsidiary agency ADOR, NewJeans stepped into the spotlight for their first official public appearance since the controversy.

The occasion? The ‘2024 Korea On Stage – New Generation Concert,’ held at Heungnyemun Square in Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul—an event organized by the Cultural Heritage Administration to celebrate its reestablishment as the National Heritage Administration.

Danielle Takes the Stage:

Member Danielle, serving as the MC, seamlessly transitioned between English and Korean, skillfully guiding the proceedings. Clad in a purple hanbok that harmonized with the event’s ambiance, Danielle engaged the audience and introduced the national heritage.

With thunderous applause, Danielle shared her sentiments: “Born in Australia and raised in Korea, I’ve come to appreciate the greatness of our unique national heritage.” She continued, “Recently, NewJeans recorded guide audio introducing our beautiful heritage at the British Museum. As a K-pop artist, I am committed to promoting our culture.”

NewJeans’ Electrifying Performance:

Following a pre-recorded stage of “Cool With You,” NewJeans burst onto the scene, donning colorful hanboks that delighted fans waving bunny-shaped light sticks (NewJeans’ fandom light stick). Despite the absence of the youngest member, Hyein, due to injury, the group exuded vibrant energy.

Starting with their hit song “Ditto,” NewJeans continued with powerful performances of “ETA” and “Super Shy.” Remarkably, the deepening conflict between HYBE and ADOR remained imperceptible during their electrifying set.

Haerin expressed her gratitude: “Performing at Gyeongbokgung Palace, a national heritage site, holds immense meaning and honor.” Minji chimed in, “Our new album is set to release on the 24th. I’m thrilled to perform in front of all of you. Please shower our new songs with love.”

Fans Rally Around NewJeans:

Fans of all ages flocked to support NewJeans. High school student Choi, a fan since winter 2022, explained, “I became a fan because they achieved their dreams at my age. I’m here to show my unwavering support.”

On social media, another fan sent a heartfelt message: “‘Daepyunim’ (a term member Hani uses for ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin), thank you for caring for NewJeans despite the challenges. Eat well, rest well, and stay strong. The Bunnies are always by your side.”

Kim, a fan in their 20s who has followed NewJeans since their debut, shared mixed emotions: “I’m excited about their comeback, but the situation isn’t ideal. Nevertheless, we stand by you—don’t worry.”

Similarly, Ju, a fan in their 30s who admired NewJeans from their “Attention” debut, affirmed, “Their fresh and bright concept since ‘Attention’ captured my heart. Despite the unpleasant circumstances, I’m here to demonstrate my trust and unwavering support.”

Behind the Scenes: Legal Battles and Loyalty:

As the HYBE-ADOR conflict rages on, CEO Min Hee Jin faces accusations of a hostile takeover, including embezzlement. In response, she held a press conference denying the allegations and filed for an injunction to prevent the exercise of voting rights.

Meanwhile, revelations about NewJeans’ treatment and activities continue to emerge from both sides.

Reports indicate that the parents of NewJeans members have enlisted an entertainment dispute specialist lawyer, submitting a petition expressing their desire to remain with CEO Min.

While the specific contents of the petition remain undisclosed, it aligns with their parents’ unwavering stance.

In a statement released on May 19, CEO Min clarified several issues raised by HYBE in court, stating, “We have grown closer through many experiences with NewJeans. No matter how much you may dislike me, if you think about the future of the members, you can’t do this.”

The ADOR extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, where the agenda includes the replacement of Min and other executives, will be held on the 31st of this month.

NewJeans is set to make a comeback on May 24 with a double single. The title track is “How Sweet,” and the B-side is “Bubble Gum,’ for which the music video was released last month on the 27th.



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