NewJeans’ Minji Expresses Frustration Over Gen Z’s “Limited Vocabulary”

NewJeansMinji recently voiced her frustration regarding the younger generation’s use of newly coined phrases that often leave her puzzled.

During a recent live stream, Minji shared her observations: “My younger sister, who is in middle school, constantly uses the phrase ‘That’s skrr’ for everything. But what exactly is ‘skrr’? What does she mean by ‘This is skrr?’ or ‘That’s skrr?’ It seems like such an MZ thing. I just don’t get it. Is it the same ‘skrr skrr’ I know?”

Minji went on to express her concerns about the younger generation’s limited vocabulary and their tendency to rely on a narrow range of language expression.

“I feel that our ability to express ourselves is becoming increasingly restricted,” she explained. “And it worries me, especially since my younger sister is also affected.”

Meanwhile, ‘skrr’ is a newly coined term embraced by the youth to denote something trendy or cool. Originating from the rhythmic sound “skrr skrr” commonly associated with hip-hop culture, it has rapidly gained popularity among young people.

Korean netizens chimed in with their thoughts:

Minji is truly ‘skrr.’”

“Her intelligence shines through.”

“Minji’s mature perspective rings true.”


“She’s absolutely adorable.”

“That’s such an MZ thing—hilarious!”

Minji’s face embodies ‘skrr.’”

“I admire Minji’s kindness, intelligence, and voice.”

“Her thought process is undeniably cool.”



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