BELIFT LAB Initiates Legal Action Against ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin for Business Obstruction and Defamation

ILLIT’s agency, BELIFT LAB, has filed a complaint against CEO Min Hee Jin of ADOR on May 22 (KST), alleging obstruction of business and defamation.

According to BELIFT LAB, CEO Min Hee Jin’s unilateral dissemination of false information against the company and its artists has caused significant damage.

The agency clarified that the plagiarism allegations made by CEO Min Hee Jin against their artist, ILLIT, are unfounded. BELIFT LAB has provided supporting evidence to judicial authorities to refute these claims and plans to pursue legal avenues to determine the truth.

Highlighting the need for fair judgment based on reasonable standards and procedures regarding intellectual property plagiarism, BELIFT LAB expressed regret that the efforts and achievements of their artists are being undermined by baseless speculation and misinformation.

Additionally, the agency addressed the detrimental impact of the situation on ILLIT’s members, who have been subjected to malicious comments, ridicule, and personal attacks.

BELIFT LAB urged an end to slanderous attacks and the spread of false information targeting the artists.

The dispute between HYBE and CEO Min Hee Jin escalated recently when accusations of breach of trust were made against CEO Min Hee Jin by HYBE, alleging an attempted usurpation of management rights.

CEO Min Hee Jin countered by asserting that her concerns about ILLIT’s alleged plagiarism of ADOR’s NewJeans were legitimate and warranted an internal audit.

During an emergency press conference, CEO Min Hee Jin clarified that her intent was not to slander ILLIT but to address concerns about the similarities between their production formulas.



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