Actor Jung Kyung Ho Makes Highly-Anticipated Comeback in New Drama “Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin”

MBC has officially announced that actor Jung Kyung Ho will take the lead role in the upcoming Friday-Saturday drama tentatively titled ‘Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin.’

Scheduled to premiere in 2025, ‘Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin’ promises a hyper-realistic comic fantasy narrative. The series revolves around a labor attorney who possesses a unique ability: the power to see ghosts.

As he confronts complex labor-related issues, he embarks on a transformative journey.

In the drama, Jung Kyung Ho portrays Noh Moo Jin, a pragmatic lawyer. His life takes a dramatic turn after a near-death experience while exposing corruption within the labor sector alongside a controversial YouTuber.

Guided by supernatural forces, he becomes a mediator in labor disputes.

Jung Kyung Ho, celebrated for his roles in hit series such as ‘Crash Course in Romance,’ ‘Life on Mars,’ and ‘Hospital Playlist,’ returns to MBC after an eight-year hiatus since ‘Missing Nine’ (2017).

Fans eagerly anticipate his portrayal of Noh Moo Jin, where his trademark cunningness meets nuanced acting.

Production for ‘Labor Attorney Noh Moo Jin’ is set to commence soon, with MBC scheduling it as a Friday-Saturday drama in 2025.

Stay tuned for Jung Kyung Ho’s captivating performance in this intriguing drama!



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