Pledis Entertainment Remains Silent on fromis_9’s Longstanding Payment Dispute

In a perplexing turn of events, Pledis Entertainment, the agency responsible for managing popular girl group fromis_9, has chosen to maintain an enigmatic silence regarding the group’s alleged financial woes. The issue at hand? Unpaid earnings spanning over six years.

Jiwon, a member of fromis_9, recently expressed her fervent desire to finally receive her maiden paycheck by the year’s end. This seemingly innocuous request, however, has ignited a firestorm of speculation and concern within the K-pop community.

Fans and netizens alike are left pondering: Why has it taken so long for fromis_9 to see any compensation?

Let’s rewind to the group’s inception. fromis_9, a product of the Mnet idol survival program ‘Idol School’, burst onto the scene in January 2018. Their journey, marked by talent, hard work, and unwavering dedication, should have been financially rewarding. Yet, as the calendar flips to their seventh year since debut, the absence of payment remains a glaring issue.

In a pivotal moment, Off The Record Entertainment, their previous management company, handed the reins to Pledis Entertainment in August 2021. This transition was expected to bring stability and prosperity to the group. Instead, it has left fans scratching their heads, wondering why the financial pipeline remains dry.

fromis_9, with their captivating performances and devoted fan base, consistently sell out concerts and other events. Their popularity is undeniable, yet their bank accounts tell a different story. The lack of transparency surrounding their earnings has fueled frustration and disappointment among supporters.

When pressed for a response, Pledis Entertainment opted for an evasive stance, asserting that they hold no specific position on the matter. This noncommittal reply has only intensified the mystery surrounding the group’s financial predicament.

Adding to the intrigue, Chaeyoung, another fromis_9 member, voiced her melancholy over the group’s musical hiatus. The absence of new music has left fans yearning for answers. Yet, even in the face of controversy, Pledis remains tight-lipped, leaving fans to wonder if their beloved group will ever receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.

As the K-pop community watches and waits, the silence from Pledis Entertainment echoes loudly. ‘Will fromis_9’s financial struggles finally come to light, or will they remain shrouded in secrecy? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the fans’ unwavering support will continue, regardless of the agency’s silence.’



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