K-netizens Discover Min Hee Jin’s Chat About “Ending NewJeans’ Contracts” Before ILLIT’s Copy Controversy

The ongoing feud between ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and HYBE has led to some interesting findings. It appears that Min Hee Jin tried to end the contracts of NewJeans members with HYBE.

Min Hee Jin is under fire for allegedly trying to take over ADOR in a hostile manner and looking for foreign investment to gain control of the company. She argues that HYBE unfairly copied NewJeans with the launch of ILLIT.

However, recently leaked KakaoTalk messages between ADOR’s Vice President and Min Hee Jin show that she had talked about ending NewJeans’ contracts about 10 days before ILLIT’s debut.

The Vice President told Min Hee Jin, “It’s 12.4 billion KRW (~9.11 million USD) for each person, and it’s expected to be 62 billion KRW (45.5 million USD) for all five” when discussing the cancellation of NewJeans members contracts under HYBE. He added, “But, according to the current shareholder agreement, any changes, terminations, or renewals of important contracts must be approved by the ADOR board of directors.”

Min Hee Jin replied, “Huh? NewJeans? It’s not that much.”

The Vice President responded, “Ah. I’m sorry, it’s actually 450 billion KRW to 620 billion KRW (~330.6 million USD to 445.5 million USD). No matter how much I think about it, the damage on our side would be too big if the members left. We would have to give up all our past albums, and all the contracts with brands are tied to ADOR.”

Netizens commented: “I don’t get why people defend HYBE, but I also don’t get why people defend Min Hee Jin, lol.” “Is this the original message?” “Wow… They’re sharing such a conversation on KakaoTalk without fear, they should use Telegram. Remember, if I hack into someone else’s KakaoTalk, they might hack into mine too. They must have been excited to read others’ KakaoTalk messages, lol.” “What does this Vice President do?” “After seeing this message, I can’t defend Min Hee Jin.” “It’s not wrong to calculate the number.”



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