aespa’s Karina Adorably Responds to Her Modern Sculpture Displayed at SM Entertainment

In a recent episode of the much-loved YouTube show ‘Giant Peng TV’, the charismatic host Pengsoo paid a visit to SM Entertainment for a unique job interview.

As Pengsoo explored the SM Entertainment premises, a peculiar mannequin-like figure caught his attention. Curious, he asked, “What’s this sculpture called?”, to which an employee responded, “It’s Karina.”

Pengsoo, taken aback, commented, Karina sunbaenim…? It’s clear that replicating someone as unique as Karina sunbaenim is no easy task.”

The intriguing sculpture that Pengsoo stumbled upon is actually a modern art piece by the renowned sculptor Kitagawa Hiroto.

Drawing inspiration from Karina’s dynamic performances, Hiroto captured the multifaceted nature of the aespa member using futuristic design elements.

So, how did Karina react to this modern sculpture of herself?

After the ‘Giant Peng TV’ episode aired, Karina shared her thoughts with fans on Bubble, saying,

“I can’t believe the news about my sculpture at our company got out. I was trying to keep it under wraps. When they first put it up, I was with Aeri and I pointed at it and said, ‘That’s you.’ But then I saw my name, Karina, written right below it.”

Netizens found Karina’s candid and humorous reaction endearing, with comments like, “‘That’s you’ LOL. That’s exactly what you say to your bestie when you see something odd. She’s so genuine”, Giselle got roasted LOL”, “Whenever you’re out with your girls and you see something strange, it’s always either ‘That’s you’ or ‘That’s your boyfriend’”, “Karina’s Bubbles posts are hilarious”, “Now I understand why she wanted to keep that sculpture a secret LOL”, and more.



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