K-netizens Enchanted by Minji’s Radiant Beauty in Hanbok at Geunjeongjeon Hall Performance

The K-pop scene was recently set ablaze as NewJeans wrapped up a special stage pre-recording at the historic Geunjeongjeon Hall. The performance was part of the upcoming event ‘2024 Korea On Stage – New Generation,’ organized by the Cultural Heritage Administration and overseen by the National Heritage Promotion Institute and KBS Korean Broadcasting.

On May 16, KBS released a short preview of NewJeans’ performance of their hit song “Cool With You” at the Geunjeongjeon Hall.

As soon as the teaser was released, Korean netizens were instantly captivated by the group’s graceful beauty.

In particular, K-netizens were struck by Minji’s stunning visuals set against the backdrop of a traditional Korean palace. Dressed in a beautiful hanbok, Minji’s classic beauty shone through, leaving fans and netizens alike in awe.

Korean netizens took to social media to express their admiration:

“She’s so gorgeous.”

“A national beauty indeed. This is true patriotism and raising national prestige.”

“She perfectly embodies the classic Korean beauty.”

“She’s really beautiful.”

“Pure and elegant.”

“She’s really beautiful. Please do a historical drama just once.”

“I clicked thinking it was nonsense, but it’s true. This is patriotism. The hanbok suits her perfectly.”

“She’s a classic beauty.”

“I’m from a different fandom but I’m saving her gifs.”

With her stunning visuals and captivating performance, Minji has once again proven why she is a beloved figure in the K-pop industry. Fans are eagerly awaiting NewJeans’ next performance and are excited to see what surprises Minji has in store for them.



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