Lee Joon Shares He Began Dancing After Nearly Losing His Sight as a Child

Lee Joon has revealed that he took up dancing after almost losing his sight as a child.

In the latest episode of the YouTube series ‘ZIP Daesung’, Lee Joon opened up about a past incident. He shared, “When I was younger, bb guns were all the rage. I ended up getting a bullet in my eye while playing a war game. My eyes turned red with tears of blood, and I couldn’t see anything.”

Lee Joon further disclosed that he was unable to walk for a month due to eye pressure, stating, “I was lying down with an eye mask, and I couldn’t even go to the bathroom.” He added, “I was diagnosed with blindness, so I kept listening to the radio. That was when I became a huge fan of H.O.T, Fin.K.L, and Sechskies. After I received treatment, I got up and saw them perform. They were so cool. That’s when I started dancing.”

‘ZIP Daesung’ host Daesung responded, “You became a singer because of that bullet. If it didn’t get in your eye, would you have listened to the radio so intently?”

Make sure to catch the entire ‘ZIP Daesung’ episode with English captions.



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