“It’s uncomfortable to watch” — HYBE’s Bang Si Hyuk Accused of Playing Favorites on LE SSERAFIM while Ignoring NewJeans

The K-pop world is buzzing with the latest drama between HYBE and ADOR. The hot topic? Allegations that HYBE’s Bang Si Hyuk has been ignoring NewJeans members’ greetings.

On May 13, a parent of a NewJeans member dropped a bombshell, accusing Bang Si Hyuk of deliberately snubbing the group’s greetings.

According to the parent, one member had tried to greet him in the elevator, but he allegedly ignored her, even though it would have been impossible for him to miss her greeting.

This latest accusation has K-netizens comparing Bang Si Hyuk’s treatment of NewJeans to his behavior towards another HYBE girl group – LE SSERAFIM.

Since their debut, LE SSERAFIM has been showered with love and affection from Bang Si Hyuk. He even came up with the group’s name himself.

One netizen shared a story about Bang Si Hyuk personally delivering merchandise to LE SSERAFIM’s popup store when it was running low.

Another pointed out an interview with member Huh Yunjin, where she talked about meeting with Bang Si Hyuk and discussing various topics, including her music and the group’s latest album.

But the plot thickens. Another netizen revealed that Bang Si Hyuk had personally visited LE SSERAFIM at their practice studio to encourage them.

Here’s what some Korean netizens had to say:

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“Wow, he’s so immature.”

“He’s fake.”

“His age all went to his stomach.”

“This is legendary.”

“This is disgusting.”

“So LE SSERAFIM were the princesses of HYBE, not NewJeans.”

“Tsk tsk.”

“He even ignores young girls’ greetings and he does childish things like this.”

“That’s so low.”

And others commented:


“This is so uncomfortable to see.”

“This is embarrassing.”

“He’s the adult who doesn’t even receive young girls’ greetings.”

“Wow, he’s capable of greeting kids so warmly but he ignored NewJeans?”



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