Jo In Sung Captivates Fans at Packed Japanese Fan Meet, Demonstrates Global Stardom

Hallyu star Jo In Sung recently held a successful fan meeting in Japan, further cementing his international fame.

On the 10th, Jo In Sung hosted a fan meeting dubbed ‘2024 Joyful Day with Jo In Sung‘ at Japan’s Shinagawa Intercity Hall.

The event was a delightful occasion where he interacted closely with his Japanese fans.

Tickets for the fan meeting sold out instantly upon release, highlighting his robust popularity. The event held special significance as it was Jo In Sung‘s first fan gathering in Japan since a fan club 10th-anniversary dinner party in July 2018.

His genuine love for his fans was palpable throughout the event.

The fan meeting revolved around the theme of ‘Jo In Sung’s Joyful Day.’ He made a grand entrance and greeted fans in Japanese, kicking off a memorable and sweet rendezvous.

The first segment, a ‘gallery date,’ featured photos from Jo In Sung‘s everyday life, allowing him to share updates about his recent activities.

During the ‘theater date’ segment, fans voted for ‘Dusik’ from ‘Moving’ as their favorite character from his films ‘Mogadishu’, ‘Smuggling’, and the Disney Plus original ‘Moving’. ‘

Jo In Sung also shared behind-the-scenes anecdotes from each project, adding to the fun atmosphere. He revealed exclusive details about ‘Smuggling’, set to premiere in Japan this summer, piquing fans’ interest.

The next part of the date was themed around ‘Unexpected Business’, a restaurant concept. Jo In Sung humbly reacted when a scene from season 1 of ‘Unexpected Business’, where he gets emotional while making crab ramen, was chosen as the most touching moment by fans.

He also shared various cooking tips and secrets behind his popular dishes from ‘Unexpected Business’.

The fan meeting was made even more special by the surprise appearance of actor Im Ju Hwan, which Jo In Sung did not anticipate. Im Ju Hwan explained that he wanted to return the surprise to Jo In Sung, who had previously shown up unexpectedly to support him and other junior actors like Kim Woo Bin.

The atmosphere was further elevated with various ‘game dates’ with fans. Jo In Sung personally descended to the stage to answer fans’ questions, receiving enthusiastic cheers.

Throughout the fan meeting, Jo In Sung showcased his warm and consistently cheerful demeanor, solidifying his status as a true Hallyu icon.

After the two-hour fan meeting, Jo In Sung held a farewell event to bid adieu to the fans, making it a dreamlike day and reciprocating the love of his fans.

In other news, Jo In Sung‘s film ‘Smuggling’ is slated for release in Japan on July 12th.



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