‘Queen of Tears’ star Kim Ji Won, the radiant ‘Queen of Hearts’, heads to Singapore

Queen of Tears‘ actress Kim Ji Won was spotted at Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of May 12th, ready to jet off to Singapore for her upcoming engagements.

Kim Ji Won turned the airport into her personal runway, sporting a chic ensemble of a striped shirt paired with pristine white jeans.

Her flawless visuals and charming poses were nothing short of captivating, making heads turn and cameras click.

Her visuals were so stunning, they could be described as “beyond the wall”. It was as if she was giving everyone a “weekend healing” with her presence.

Kim Ji Won, always the epitome of grace and beauty, seemed to be giving everyone a “beauty class”. She was “full of beauty”, radiating an aura that was hard to ignore.

With a “bright greeting”, she acknowledged her fans and onlookers, her smile as radiant as the sun. And if you’re not careful, her charm is so potent it could give you a “heart attack”. So, beware!



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