“Is this the happiness I wanted?” — HyunA Reveals Her Struggles with Weight and Health

K-pop star HyunA recently got real about her weight loss journey and its impact on her health.

On May 2, HyunA graced the 28th episode of ‘Season B Season 4’ as a special guest and had a heart-to-heart with Rain over a meal.

The episode saw HyunA opening up about her weight struggles in a candid conversation.

The chat kicked off with Rain complimenting HyunA, saying, “You’ve become even prettier since the last time I saw you.”

HyunA responded, “I’ve gained some weight now,” to which Rain replied, “But you look so much better now.

Rain expressed his concern about HyunA’s past thinness, saying, “There was a time when I hadn’t seen you for many years. When I saw you again, I thought, ‘How can she be so thin?’”

HyunA then confessed, “I was only 40kg (88 lbs) back then.”

HyunA went on to share, “During that time, I would only eat one piece of Kimbap while on my schedule. This led to a drastic decline in my health starting at age 26. I wanted to perform well on stage, but I couldn’t.”

She added, “When that moment came, I asked myself, ‘Is this the happiness I wanted?’ Starting last year, I began to appreciate the little things in life.”

This candid revelation from HyunA gives us a glimpse into the struggles faced by our favorite stars. It’s a reminder that they, too, are human and face their own battles.



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