RIIZE’s Anton Gets Shocked When Hong Seok Cheon Admits Anton’s Dad Was His Dream Man

RIIZE’s Anton was left a bit startled in the recent episode of ‘Hong Seok Cheon’s Jewel Box’ season 2.

The members of RIIZE graced the 9th episode of the YouTube show ‘Hong Seok Cheon’s Jewel Box’ as special guests, where the two hosts assessed each member for their looks.

Each RIIZE member was evaluated for their striking appearance and unique aura, winning over the hearts of the two openly gay hosts.

When it was Anton’s turn, MC Hong Seok Cheon disclosed that he knew Anton’s father, musician Yoon Sang, and admitted that Anton’s dad was his dream man.

Hong Seok Cheon shared, “From what I gathered, you reached out to your father for help,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Nonetheless, Hong Seok Cheon proceeded with the evaluation and added, “But your fashion sense is something your dad would have liked. Anton’s dad used to be quite the looker. He was a fashion trendsetter and very handsome. He was my dream man,” leaving Anton flustered.

Hong Seok Cheon continued to examine Anton and complimented his good looks.

He praised, “He has a lovely shoulder line,” and asked, “What sports did you participate in?” To which Anton replied, “I started swimming when I was young,” revealing the secret behind his broad shoulders.



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