Actress Han So Hee responds to a fan who asks “Are you at peace these days?”

Actress Han So Hee recently took to social media to share a heartwarming exchange she had with a fan.

On April 10th, Han So Hee posted a snapshot of a note she received from a fan, along with her response.

The fan’s note read, “Is this Han So Hee? If it is, I just wanted to check if you’re doing okay these days. I didn’t want to intrude on your rest, so I couldn’t bring myself to approach you. I’m a big fan.”

In reply, Han So Hee penned down her thoughts, “Yes, it’s me. Thanks for recognizing me. These days.. um.. I’m trying to reshape my thoughts. Your words gave me a boost today. Thank you for reaching out!” She captured this heartfelt exchange and shared it with her fans.

In recent news, Han So Hee found herself in the middle of a ‘love transfer’ controversy with actress Hyeri, who is actor Ryu Jun Yeol‘s ex-girlfriend. Han So Hee was in a public relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol.

She vehemently denied these rumors and ended up stirring the pot by sharing more information than necessary, like revealing her timeline on social media.

On a brighter note, Han So Hee is set to star in the upcoming movie ‘Heavy Snowfall‘, directed by Yoon Soo Ik, which is slated for release later this year. ‘Heavy Snowfall’ tells the story of Seol Yi (played by Han So Hee), a star who met Soo An (played by Han Hae In), an aspiring actor, at an art high school in Gangneung.

Their journey of building a friendship, falling in love, parting ways, and finding each other again forms the crux of the story. This film is garnering attention as it marks Han So Hee‘s debut on the big screen.



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