Han So Hee surprises her fans by appearing in an open chat room + clears up ‘nose surgery’ suspicions

On November 30, actress Han So Hee surprised her fans by appearing in an open chat room! Open chat rooms on KakaoTalk allow users to join anonymous chat rooms based on certain themes or interests.

There are many such open chat rooms dedicated to musicians, actors/actresses, and popular figures, and K-Pop artists have been known to drop in on these chat rooms to converse with fans directly. 

First, to prove that she was the real Han So Hee and not an imposter, the actress shared some never-before-seen selcas, including one which showed the open chat room on a tablet screen.

Next, Han So Hee told fans that she misses them, and further showed her appreciation for her fans by writing, “I’m immature and I want to try so many different things, and because I’m like this, there are those of you who go to great lengths to defend me and my actions.

Thanks to your efforts, I am living the way I want without feeling too stressed. It’s so reassuring to have you by my side, and I’m so grateful, but at the same time, I feel apologetic.

When I thought about what being a ‘fan’ really means, I started to realize that fans should not be taken for granted. It is not a fact that a fan will stay a devoted fan forever. But you all are devoting yourselves to me, and you’ve put your faith in me. So I want to make one promise.

I’m going to protect you. I promise not to think ill of you, I promise not to take you for granted, I will not grow lazy and develop feelings of contempt toward your devotion. This will be our promise.” The actress then cleared up the possibility of anyone suspecting that she underwent plastic surgery to adjust her nose, stating, “I’m worried because the swelling from the inferior turbinate reduction surgery is not going away. Guys, I swear, I didn’t put silicon in my nose. “

My nose just got a little taller because the doctors straightened [the nasal turbinates]. Because of my rhinitis, my nose became deformed and I could only breathe through one nostril. I didn’t always have a Squidward nose.

I used to have a pretty high nose, but then because it grew unbalanced, the end eventually angled inward.

The surgery actually helped straighten that out. But the thing about rhinitis? It always comes back. So I’ll probably go back to having a Squidward nose soon too.” 

Meanwhile, Han So Hee will be starring as Chae Ok in the new Netflix action/thriller series, ‘Gyeongseong Creature’, premiering worldwide on December 22. 



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