“Next Level? Love Dive? or Hype Boy?” — Netizens debate the standout 4th-gen girl group songs!

Online fans are buzzing about the biggest hit song from 4th-generation girl groups.

On an internet forum, fans are passionately discussing which songs from 4th-generation girl groups had the most significant impact. The debate mainly revolves around aespa, IVE, and NewJeans.

According to one post, three songs have become undeniably popular, dominating the music charts:

aespa’s “Next Level”

IVE’s “Love Dive”

NewJeans’ “Hype Boy”

Fans collectively agree that these songs aren’t just “great,” but they have also gone viral, gaining recognition both nationally and internationally.

Aside from these top three hits, other notable tracks from 4th-gen girl groups that have defined the era include ITZY‘s “DALLA DALLA” and (G)I-DLE‘s “TOMBOY.

In the comments section, fans are divided, especially between NewJeans‘ “Hype Boy” and aespa‘s “Next Level.

Here are some reactions:

“Hype Boy, with all those challenges, it’s the most sensational.”

“No debate needed, it’s Hype Boy.”

“Hype Boy has been on the daily charts at #14 for over a year.”

“Hype Boy, especially for the general public.”


“I think it’s Hype Boy > Love Dive > Next Level, considering their popularity among the masses.”

“Next Level was also popular among everyone.”

“Next Level…”

“Love Dive ranked #1 for the entire year it came out.”

“I was thinking about Love Dive before reading this post.”

“Wow, all three were huge hits.”

“Definitely Next Level.”

“Hype Boy.”

“Next Level, even during the presidential election TV program!”

“My personal favorite is Love Dive, but I get why it’s Hype Boy.”

“I only see Next Level as a song… Hype Boy was practically a meme.”

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