“Not yet learned his lesson” — Former BIGBANG star Seungri spotted at a club again?

Recently, a picture surfaced online, and it’s causing quite a buzz.

On a forum titled “Huh? Seungri is still going to clubs?” a user shared a photo of a man wearing a white cap from behind and claimed, “I saw Seungri.

This has grabbed a lot of attention because many people thought Seungri would stay away from clubs, especially after the Burning Sun club scandal.

That scandal shocked the whole country because of the serious crimes that happened both inside and outside the club.

Take a look at the photo below:

Some people are not happy about Seungri‘s club visit. They said things like:

“BIGBANG is over because of him. Damn, that guy shouldn’t have been in BIGBANG.. ha…”

“He can’t get himself together. I wouldn’t go if I were him.”

“He still hasn’t learned his lesson.”

“BIGBANG is no more because of him.”

“He should stop his nonsense.”

What are your thoughts?



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