ITZY’s Yuna wears a chic black dress and looks as gorgeous as ever

ITZY‘s Yuna displayed her amazing looks at the airport.

On August 19th, the members of ITZY were seen at the Incheon International Airport on their way to Los Angeles for ‘KCON LA 2023.

All the members looked very attractive as usual, but Yuna especially caught people’s attention online for her stunning body.

A post on a popular online community got more than 67K views in just a few hours.

People online said:

“She knows how to choose clothes that suit her appearance.”

“So beautiful.”

“I can already imagine this dress getting sold out in the new suburban areas, haha.”

“Yuna should be a spokesperson for Miu Miu.”

“She’s the perfect example of a ‘hot girl.'”

“I’m really curious about her exercise routine and diet.”

“She’s like a real-life Barbie.”

“So gorgeous.”

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