Members of upcoming SM Entertainment boy group RIIZE demonstrate impressive harmony skills in their first singing video

They’re another potential group from SM with strong vocals.

With each teaser that SM Entertainment has put out about their new K-Pop boy group, RIIZE, interest has been building for the members.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the group and its members, like what roles they’ll all play and what kind of idea they’ll have. However, their first album, Get A Guitar, will be out on September 4.

We also haven’t heard much of their singing yet, other than what Sungchan and Shotaro did as members of NCT.

But a new movie that has been posted online shows how good the group’s vocal line could be.

The song “Someday” by IU is played on the guitar by one member of the group while the others sing along.

SM Entertainment is known for having stars with great voices, and RIIZE doesn’t look like it will be an exception based on how well they’re harmonizing in this short clip.

When the clip was posted on social media, people were quick to praise their music.

The video was also talked about on an online forum, where a lot of netizens had mostly good things to say about the talents of the RIIZE members.

Are you excited for SM Entertainment to start a new K-Pop boy group?


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