BLACKPINK Lisa’s future with YG questioned by netizens after spotted with Frédéric Arnault at an exclusive airport

A recent picture of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Frédéric Arnault, the son of ‘LVMH‘ CEO Bernard Arnault, has caught people’s attention online.

Just last week, people started thinking Lisa and Frédéric might be dating because they were seen in Greece at the same time.

Now, there’s a new photo of them sitting in a special waiting area at an airport in Los Angeles. This has sparked more rumors about them dating.

After BLACKPINK‘s concerts, some claim that Lisa boarded Frédéric‘s private jet in New Jersey and the two of them flew to Los Angeles. The other BLACKPINK members went to Las Vegas for their next show.

People are talking a lot about this new photo and sharing thoughts on Korean online communities.

Here are some things people are saying:

“So Lisa might not renew her contract and might leave the entertainment world to get married.”

“Maybe this is why YG hasn’t given a clear answer about BLACKPINK’s contracts.”

“They seem so much in love that they’re always together.”

“Does anyone else think that guy is being overly attached to Lisa?”

“Does this feel like a scene from ‘Boys Over Flowers’?”

“Once their shows are done, they’ll probably come to Korea together, Lisa will finish her contract, say her goodbyes, and then they’ll go away together.”

Meanwhile, Frédéric Arnault and BLACKPINK are known to be friends, partly because BLACKPINK is close to many brands related to ‘LVMH‘.



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